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Bonbons and gifts for special occasions

Delightful, fresh delicacies ...

The bonbon recepies' unique design, the caring for the details, close to none added sweeteners or sugar. Thus, the Sokkoládé! is a source of healthy yet indulgent fresh delights for the whole family.

The Sokkoládé! bonbons are made of carefully selected, high quality, original Belgian chocolate. High cocoa content dark chocolate, and special silky white chocolate create the "house" of bonbons so that everyone can find their own favorite.

Original Belgian chocolate, with handcrafted marzipan!

Our chocolate creations' fillings are handcrafted marzipan, praline cream, ganache or fine homemade liquor.

We also add various dried fruits (dried prunes, dried apricots and dried cranberries) and carefully selected fresh ingredients, fruit specialties and herbs, such as candied orange peel or dried marjoram, black pepper or cinnamon for the finest chocolates, creating a unique world of flavors.

All our handmade bonbons areAll our handmade bonbons arelike exquisite jewelry!like exquisite jewelry!

Falling in love

Each bonbon has a unique design. Various colors, glazes and patterns dressed like royal delicacies - all are offered as individual orders, as well as personalized gifts, both for individuals and companies, in fine fine and decorative packaging.

The Sokkoládé! is the best gift idea for Christmas! Birthdays, name days, Mother's day are all opportunities for offering fine gifts. For corporate events and promotional gifts our chocolate is the best choice. Handcrafted quality chocolate, fine ingredients, unique flavors and beautiful design - this is the Sokkoládé!

Handcrafted bonbons • Allow to be tempted!

Violet - forest fruit -
Violet - forest fruit
Mint with lime -
Mint with lime
Maj-szi -
Peach with cinnamon -
Peach with cinnamon
Rough diamond -
Rough diamond
Black & White -
Black & White
Strawberry and chilli -
Strawberry and chilli
Dried peach -
Dried peach
Dried prunes -
Dried prunes
Exotic -
Go nuts about it! -
Go nuts about it!
With passion -
With passion

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