For chocolate and bonbon lovers!!For chocolate and bonbon lovers!!

"The sound of the cracking chocolate, its sweet parfume and silky, soft filling... More please!!!"
"Saw it, tasted it, fell in love with it..."
"Now I know why it is so special. Beacuse it is simply fresh!!! Maybe it sounds strange, but the pralines that are sitting on the shelves just can not be as good as those made today. It's like with fresh bread, not the one made yesterday, or the before yesterday. And grandmas' soup is so delicious because it has all the good ingredients. Sokkoládé is the same, fresh, has the best ingredients and lots of love. That's why it is sooo good!
All our handmade bonbons areAll our handmade bonbons arelike exquisite jewelry!like exquisite jewelry!

Our bonbon selection

Bonbon specials

Self-made creamy fillings with crunchy chocolate.

Dried fruit bonbons

Sweet and sour fruit in soft chocolate coat.

For Valentine's day

Romantic and special gifts only for special orders.

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